Adding to the large list of things to do in Grove, birding is a great option for a relaxing trip. Locals and visitors alike marvel at the large variety of birds in Oklahoma, and you can catch sight of them throughout the area. Grand Lake, in particular, is a prime location for sighting birds, but you’re definitely not limited to the area. You can even become a member of the Grand Lake Audubon Society or just take part in monthly meetings for adventures in birding.

If you’re looking for a fun and relaxing way to spend your days in Grove, be sure to pack some binoculars and a camera for incredible views of Grand Lake birds and others throughout the area. And what better way to finish off a day of bird watching than hitting the games at Grand Lake Casino? Let’s take a moment to discover the interesting birds of Oklahoma and the best places to spot them.

Oklahoma Birding: Grand Lake Birds

From large water birds to birds of prey, Oklahoma is home to an abundance of birds, ranging in size, shape, and habitats. Whether you’re looking for colorful tree-dwellers or larger-sized feathered friend, you’ll surely spot plenty near Grand Lake and all around Grove. Grab your binoculars and keep your eyes peeled for any of the birds listed below.

● Great Blue Heron: Standing up to four feet tall with a six-foot wingspan, the great blue heron is one of Oklahoma’s largest birds.

● Orchard Oriole: A pretty and distinctive bird, this orchard oriole is quite elusive, hiding in trees or tall grass. With this, catching a glimpse of the bird is a real treat.

● American Goldfinch: Also called the wild canary, the male American goldfinch is a beautiful yellow bird that can often be seen throughout fields of thistle.

● Painted Bunting: As it’s name may suggest, the painted bunting features an array of bright colors. Your best chance at catching sight of these is in tall grass and thick forests. Lendonwood Gardens could be a great place to spot one!

● Turkey Vulture: You can spot turkey vultures quite often in the area, soaring up high as they look for food below. These large birds have a wingspan of six feet!

The list of birds near Grand Lake and the rest of northeastern Oklahoma goes on and on. By taking a short trip to the Sequoyah State Park, you can even find some bald eagles! The park provides a perfect place for the eagles, and a great place for spotting them. The park even hosts eagle tours in January. Take a little drive from Grand Lake to Sequoyah and get a view of these majestic birds.

Ideal Locations for Grove and Grand Lake Birds

In terms of spotting birds in Grand Lake, as well as Grove, you can visit a few places to catch glimpses of the many species that inhabit the area. Whether you take a walk through an open field near the lake or visit Har-Ber Village, you’ll surely spot some great birds. You can also meander through the pathways of Lendonwood Gardens, where you’ll find an abundance of birds throughout the attraction’s seven gardens and lush vegetation. Whichever location you choose to visit, be sure to pack binoculars and a camera to remember the experience!

Grand Lake: Birds and Games

Between Grand Lake birds and those inhabiting the rest of northeastern Oklahoma, the region is home to a great variety of species, ranging in size and color. Next time you take a trip to Grove, check out Grand Lake and, of course, our nearby casino where you can relax and play a range of fun games.

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