Boasting nearly 60,000 surface acres and over 1,300 miles of shoreline, Grand Lake in Grove is arguably the best destination for bass fishing in Oklahoma. However, you can catch more than bass in the lake. You may also reel in some incredibly large catfish and a great deal of crappie. In terms of Grand Lake bass, the lake is home to not only the largemouth bass, but also white bass, spotted bass, and even hybrid stripers. To top it off, Grand Lake features the largest population of the spoonbill catfish in the world!

Though the lake is home to a variety of fish, the healthy bass population is what keeps fishers coming back for more. In fact, Grand Lake hosted the Bassmaster Classic in 2013 and 2016. It’s even been named the 15th best bass fishing lake in the country by Bassmaster Magazine—now that’s something to brag about! Are you ready to try your luck at the lake? Let Grand Lake Casino fill you in on everything you need to catch big bass!

Grand Lake Bass Fishing: Getting Gear

Whether you’d like to update your gear, forgot something at home, or just need some bait, you can find it all near Grand Lake. There’s plenty of fish to catch at the lake, but you’ll need the gear to do so, of course! Check out some great bait & tackle shops below:

Ketch-Um Bait Shop: 32374 S Hwy. 82 | Vinita, OK | Phone: 918.323.6662

Blue Water Bait & Tackle: 235 W. Main | Disney, OK | Phone: 918.435.4623

Grand Lake Sports Center: 301 S. Main St. | Grove, OK | Phone: 918.786.2300

Once you’ve got your gear squared away, it’s time to hit the lake for some old-fashioned bass fishing. Let’s take a look at the best times to fish throughout the year to increase your chances of catching that trophy fish!

When to Fish for Grand Lake Bass

While you’re likely to catch some black bass year-round in Grand Lake, some months are optimal for catching crappie, white bass, big catfish, and the aforementioned spoonbill. Whichever fish you have your sights set on, take a look below to find the best time of year to catch them.

● Black Bass: As mentioned, you can reel in black bass year-round.

● White Bass: The best time for catching white bass is between January and November. Some suggest the big ones are best caught in January.

● Crappie: Aside from the summer months, you can catch crappie throughout most of the year. Fall through spring is your best bet.

● Catfish: While you can catch them throughout the entire year, you’ll find the big catfish during early winter, and again in March.

● Spoonbill: Snag a spoonbill in the Lake during winter months, namely December and January. If there’s no luck then, you can try the river through the spring months.

Grand Lake: Two Ways to Win Big

With one of the top bass fishing lakes in the country and an incredible casino nearby, you can truly win big when you visit Grand Lake in Grove, OK. Spend the day reeling in big bass and follow it up playing the great games we offer at Grand Lake Casino! You’re sure to have fun either way, so take a trip to Grove today!

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